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Game Thread #20: Bulls vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

For a recap of last night's win over the Raptors, check out this podcast appearance I had today with Ryan of

Tonight's opponent, the Timberwolves, have been in the news the past couple days as a possible destination for Allen Iverson. While any acquisition of Iverson would automatically submarine any chance of the Bulls getting Garnett, if I were them I'd try and make the move.

It's been said many times that the Wolves will never win with Garnett and their current roster construction, but I would go further to say that their cap situation is in such dire straights they should try and dig out of this hole by continuing to dig. And from GM Kevin McHale's standpoint, trading KG will be the last move he even if it screws their future at least getting Iverson saves his job.

In any Iverson trade, the centerpiece would be Randy Foye, a young scoring guard who played college ball at Villanova. Then McHale and Sixers GM Billy King could mix and match their contract mistakes until the numbers even out. I do not think that Minnesota could offer any picks, with two protected future picks being owed already, so the lack of any more young talent (although 2nd rounder Craig Smith has had a good start to the season)  could mean that Philly looks elsewhere.

My best guess at an agreeable trade is this. Philly gets young talent in Foye, Smith, and McCants. They have to take on some bad contracts in Jaric, Hassell, and Madsen, but despite being overpaid they're at least good team players and defenders. In turn they can pawn off two of their bad long-term deals in Hunter and Korver, who also will help the Wolves.

After the trade here would be Minnesota's rotation:


A little thin up front, but that's as close to contention as Minnesota's getting. Another 3 year window with Iverson and everyone else pretty much locked up. And of course there's always the possibility of a third team getting in there. No doubt Danny Ainge will try his time-honored tradition of helping other teams win championships through getting involved.

Well that was far more fun (and likely pointless? Wolves owner Glen Taylor says Iverson's too expensive) than doing a normal game preview. One thing of note is that while both Minnesota (beat the Jazz) and the Bulls played last night, obviously Minnesota's making the trip in. For whatever advantage that's worth. And while Luol Deng did a great job on Chris Bosh last night, I don't see the same success on KG, but it's something I think the Bulls should try.

Lets make it 8 in a row!