Retaliation on James Posey (UPDATE: Posey Suspended)

[UPDATE: Posey suspended one game. -Matt]

This guy is a complete chump. Whats even worse is he acts like he didn't mean it. He puts his hands up like "oh I didn't mean to do that", he's a chump.

But the bigger chumps will be the Bulls if there is not an immidiate retaliation on Posey during their next meeting on Sat. January 27th at the United Center. I was pissed that Ben Wallace, who was standing a few feet away, didn't at least give Posey a good shove. I understand you want to keep a cool head and the game was close and everything like that but you need to stand up and defend yourself. Are we going to wait until Posey breaks Ben Gordon's arm? WTF?! Scott Skiles is supposed to be a badass that challenged Shaq to a fight when they were teammates. He sounded pissed after the game. But I want to see action taken on Jan 27th, if not, this team is a bunch of sissies. And I want to see it on POSEY not Wade or someone else. That's how I feel. You don't let the same guy, on three seperate occasions, try and injure one of your players and just sit there and do nothing.

Then Pat Riley had the nerve to cry about Kirk Hinrich grabbing Wade's hand and that's how he got hurt. Pat Riley is one of the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen. He used to whine and cry when the Pistons would beat the hell out of the Lakers. Then he becomes the Knicks coach and applies those same bad boy tactics with his Knicks teams. Pat Riley can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

Now to Stern and Jackson. The Bulls should be sending a tape to the league office with all three of those cheap shots. If Anthony gets 15 games for throwing one punch, Posey should be getting multiple games for this. I think it's safe to say there is a pattern here. Heat are losing, Posey can't handle it, Posey delivers cheap shot. And an even more disturbing pattern, Bulls do nothing to retaliate.

If Stern and Jackson are serious about cleaning up dirty play with excessive suspensions, then I would expect Posey to at least get three games. But I doubt it.

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