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Finally, another Bulls blog(?)

Well it's young, but I've enjoyed reading Thank You Isaiah so far, and not just because of the name.

Here's a sample of their most recent post...and it uses Roland Ratings so it gets my attention:

I don't want the Bulls to make a move this year. Not for AI. Not for Garnett. Not for anyone. I want to see this team play and mature together over the rest of the year and see how it plays out. If it's another first round exit, then fine, make a move, but I'm seeing a Conference Finals in our future this year, and I wouldn't be shocked if they made it to the Finals. That's how good I think this core can be, and there's a chance for them to be that good for a while. all of the trade talk, there are always three main names from our core guys bandied about: Deng (less so now, but I think he's still viewed as expendable for the right superstar, which is still insane, b/c in 2 more years, he will be the right superstar), Nocioni and Gordon. In any event, I was tooling around the other day, and the thought arose: Why isn't Hinrich ever considered as expendable as these other guys?

It continues from there with the evidence...

Of course I can't just post such a quote without comment: As I've said several times before when discussing big-picture scenarios, I think the timetable is accelerated through the Wallace signing and Brown's expiring deal where difference-making deals should be aggressively explored. But also I think the numbers presented say more about how good Ben Gordon's been this year (and I'll give him the proper due [in full-length-post form] soon) than it does about Hinrich's relative expendability...and I'm much more hesitant to deal him now than I was a few weeks ago.

But differences in opinion aside, it's a good post. So go there and say hi.