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P.J. Brown out

K.C. Johnson has the report:

Brown didn't practice and is suffering from a strained plantar fascia. The Bulls wouldn't be surprised if Brown missed home games Wednesday and Friday against Seattle and Milwaukee, as well as Saturday's game at Atlanta.
I think I have a higher opinion of Brown's contributions than most (swapping him for Nocioni at the starting 4 hurts the defense and rebounding, no matter Noc's 'hustle' at both), but it was a matter of time before some injury hit the Bulls this year. This is where the depth accumulated in the offseason will help, more minutes for Sweetney and Khryapa, who now can stop the most ridiculous protest over playing time in the league (although special nod in that department to Flip Murray).

In other news, SBNation has yet another new NBA blog, BrightSideoftheSun, that's covering the red-hot Phoenix Suns. I can't think of a non-pun way to say that team has won a lot of games recently.