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Another point on headbands

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The enormous response to the Wallace headband fiasco in both MSM and the Blogosphere shows that no matter the underlying truth behind Wallace's decision to wear a headband (As I've said, in my mind the headband was just a means to make a childish power play) the rule itself has been a PR headache for the Bulls, not to mention the miscommunication between management and the marketing team.

The Trib's 'View from a Bulls fan' has a good entry this week that is worth sharing:

After all the losing, the Bulls needed a culture change and to make player accountability a priority. They achieved this by bringing in John Paxson and Scott Skiles, but now it appears they have gone overboard. The Bulls look silly right now and are now a less desirable free agent destination than before this headband rule and incident came into the spotlight.

I'm not sure getting free agents will be a problem (good team + MONEY), but the point remains: with a team full of Paxson-acquired players, the rule probably wasn't necessary anymore (By the way, apparently the Sonics also have a no-headband rule). Now if only Ben brought that up privately instead of sneaking a headband into the start of a game.