Parade of Players Skiles Passed Over

Watching the Nuggets-Clippers game last night, I saw JR Smith single-handedly replace Carmelo after Melo's ejection in the 2nd half:
He had some key steals and he was very aggressive.

In addition, Tim Thomas scored a bunch of huge 3s for the Clippers last night (like he did in last year's playoffs), while setting great picks. So we were seeing two of the Bulls's recent castoffs basically have fantastic offensive games.

I coudln't help wonder, especially, with Smith's performance: Isn't that EXACTLY the offensive firepower we could use right now? Someone with balls, someone to drive and find some open 3s? Why in god's name did we just throw away such a talent?

Now I know Tim Thomas shouldn't be with the Bulls. I realize there was an "attitude" problem. But I've often thought that it's Skiles that needs to adjust his attitude. Did Phil Jackson sit and complain that Dennis Rodman wasn't providing enough "character" to be on our team? No, "character" comes from "winning." Does anybody else think Skiles (notice I'm not saying Pax b/c I think Pax has had to adjust the roster around Skiles's attitude problems) is the wrong coach for our guys?

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