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Game Thread #14: Bulls vs New York Knicks

Starting off point of the game thread, courtesy of user Option27:

Well, Ben Wallace WILL play tonight according to 670 The Score. Which Ben Wallace will we see tonight? The Wallace who went scoreless and had no rebounds in 20 minutes against the Sixers? Or the Wallace that grabbed 18 rebounds and 11 points the night before?

To be honest with you, I don't care as long as the Bulls win. I'm more concerned with which Bulls team will show up. The Bulls team that blew by Miami on Opening Night or the Bulls team that got embarrassed by a Philadelphia team that has lost 9 out of their last 11?

It feels good that the Bulls finally have a home game for once. It feels good that they are coming off a win. It feels good that the schedule gets a bit easier as well. But all those good feelings can be easily wiped out with an embarrassing loss tonight to those awful Knicks.

The perfect scenerio would be Ben Wallace reforming to his old dominating self and the Bulls getting a win and putting the past behind them. You know what they say, "Winning is the best medicine."

P.S. Why does Jamal Crawford always play so great against the Bulls?

I'll be in attendance tonight...I wonder how many boos Wallace will get. I may give a half-hearted boo since I'm kindof a jerk, but I assume most won't want to hurt the apparently uber-sensitive Wallace's feelings and show him some love. Else he'd go call Chauncey and tell him about it after the game.

My greatest regret through this Wallace thing is that it distracted everyone from Knicks-bashing. A shame. To partially make up for it I'll say: right back at ya, jackass! Phew...I feel better already.

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This is an open game thread, leave your "why did we ever get rid of Jamal Crawford?!?!" thoughts below...