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If they were a comedian their name would be 'Don Brickles'

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Ugly, awful game to watch. Almost as awful as this post's headline, heh.

Some bullets:

  • 33.8% from the field, culprits:
        Hinrich 1-7
        Gordon 3-9
        Deng 5-16
        Duhon 0-5
    (Basically, Nocioni's 6-9 3-pointers were the only good thing going on offense)
  • Tyrus Thomas also went 0-5, and had a serious case of the Marcus Fizers. And Fizer may have been a black hole, but he at least had an offensive game. Tyrus needs to be told to settle down when he gets the ball, and not immediately put his head down and go full bore to the basket. For someone who is known for yanking guys out of the game after mistakes, Skiles sure had a long leash with Tyrus tonight.
  • The other rookie played well though, as Sefolosha again played his way into taking Duhon's second half minutes. He also did an alright job on Kobe, although the whole team can share credit with that.
  • Wallace was alright, but not enough for what the Bulls need him to me. 12 rebounds in nearly 42 minutes, and he was outplayed on several possessions by Andrew Bynum. He still shines at moments, but he needs to be consistently great, that's what he's paid for.
  • Tonight showed why it's easier said than done to simply 'take the ball to the basket'. A lot of wild running shots in the game, which showed aggressiveness (hopefully there's no cop-out excuses like 'energy' after the game...that wasn't the case) but not the skill necessary to get away from jump-shooting. If Gordon and Deng can't do it this will have to be addressed with some outside personnel.
  • Hinrich was completely taken out of the game by fouls, and it was another instance of what a detriment it is to his game to make him guard the Kobe Bryants of the league. Granted, the same thing would happen if Gordon started instead of Duhon...but at least Gordon would help take off some of the offensive burden if not the defensive. When Duhon isn't hitting threes he's pretty worthless.

All and all, The Bulls had a great defensive game tonight, but their offense was even more sad than usual. They need to be at least average to win. Going into the season everyone was assuming natural progression with their young players, but it has not happened yet.

I see others have already added their thoughts, and there is plenty to complain about. At least the schedule is getting easier, 3 more road games but against Denver, Philly, and the Knicks.