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My Man Sam(tm) is back

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Huge season premiere of everyone's (except Mark Cuban) favorite feature: Ask Sam Smith.

You got questions and Sam's answers on a lot of topics: Deng for Magette, Gordon for Raja Bell (?), J.R. Smith, Skiles' excuse making (???), Thabo, Wallace, Gordon, Sweetney, Gordon, Gordon.

Plus you get a great Sam line thrown in every so often, like this:

It's not quite the old Red Sox of 25 guys and 25 cabs (now it's Hummer limos), but the players don't hang around together much and Skiles isn't a touchy-feely coach. I actually think the professional relationships they have are good and always thought this notion of a team dining together, or in the case of some Indiana Pacers, having shootouts together, is somewhat overrated.