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Game Thread #6: Bulls vs Indiana Pacers

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Wayne Larivee must hate his family. Guy is doing the Illinois-Purdue game this afternoon, and I assume will be announcing the Bulls on WGN tonight. This finally gives me the excuse to link this post off of the WGNSports Bulls blog (see? who says there are no other Bulls blogs) for the 'Real Men of Genius' take on Wayne and Red.  They freaking nail Wayne (even mentioned 'dagger'!), I LOVED this.

So on to tonight's game against the Pacers, who are healthy and pretty dangerous. Another good early test on the schedule, although being at home should help matters. Really, what can you say about the Pacers? They scream mediocrity. Did beat the Magic last night, and by using the transitive property of basketball scores, will therefore beat the Bulls by 20 and the Heat by 60.

Blogging with the Enemy: Cornrows | Pacer Pundit

Saturday night's alright for open threading, so leave comments below.