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More on the Cavs game (from others)

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I have no observations from the Cavs game other than 'they played like shit'. I'd offer more, but to be honest I was out and not watching that closely...but it certainly looked bad. Luckily there were others around the NBA Blogsphere picking up the slack:

  • The Painted Area:
    No surprise, but the Bulls have difficulties putting up points. I don't think it's such a hot idea to have someone as streaky as Ben Gordon be your top scorer. This is why I thought the Ben Wallace signing was slightly overrated--it did not address the glaring need for a low-post scorer.

    Swiss import Thabo Sefolosha impressed me in limited minutes once again. Heady player with long arms with a good handle & passing skills and also the potential to be a defensive force; this kid could turn out to be the steal of the draft.

  • A full recap can be found at 20 Second Timeout
  • had some running commentary, part of a weekly feature on the TNT games.
    KnickerBlogger: Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like this game was over by the half. OK so no basketball game is over at halftime, but Chicago never asserted themselves on defense. Cleveland shot a sizzling 62% (eFG%). Gooden hit 10 of 13, and looked good except when he was stuffed by Wallace on that dunk attempt in the second half.

    Sir Charles said after the game that Chicago can't go far into the playoffs because of their offense. But it wasn't their offense that let them down tonight. Their offensive was near to the league average tonight. Unfortunately their defense, which was ranked #1 at 92.4 pts/100 possessions going into tonight's game, was just shredded by Cleveland.

    From where I was sitting, the Cavs just moved the ball better. It wasn't that they detroyed them with an unbelievable 3-point shooting night (Cleveland hit 8 from downtown, Chicago 7). Early on LeBron hurt the Bulls inside, but James finished with *only* 19 points. A few of those early inside scores were typical LeBron: "two or three guys on me, and I'm going to make the shot and get the foul." That helped open up his teammates. King James had 12 assists and everyone in a white jersey, save for Zydrunas and Wesley, had at least 2 assists. The guards, Hughes and Snow, combined for 11 assists.

  • And you can read some Cavs fan gloating at Cavalier Attitude and YAYSports..

Overall I'm in agreement with this Diary, it is way too soon to get a real assessment on the team so early.