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I wish Scott Skiles was my friend

I've said it before (a couple times), but it's always good to have a new example of Scott Skiles cracking me up. It's a nice juxtaposition with his intensity.

We get two choice Skiles quotes from the past couple days. This one today is not really a joke, but I still wish I was there to hear him say it:

Asked a question about "Ben," Skiles asked, "Which one?" and then revealed Wallace's nickname is "The Body."

Gordon's? "B-Jizzle".

Then you have a dig at Jerry Krause from yesterday:
John Paxson's GM title is for general manager, not generator manager.

But that's what the Bulls needed when the Berto Center lost power Tuesday morning for approximately 90 minutes.

Coach Scott Skiles conducted the first 58 minutes of the first of two practices in relative darkness with the only light coming from an open door along one baseline.

"I told John that maybe if his predecessor hadn't been such a super secret agent man we'd have some windows in here and more light would've come in and we would've been all right."