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Final prep

In case you missed 'em, some Bulls season previews I've written over the summer:

And here's a list of all the NBA Blog Previews compiled the past month. Great work by Jeff at Celticsblog for coordinating this whole effort.

Pacific Division:

Southeast Division:

Northwest Division:

Central Division:

Southwest Division:

Atlantic Division:

You can start with the Heat preview of course, as the Bulls open the season Tuesday night against the defending champs. It's on TNT and everything, just a full night of Bulls hype, lets hope they deliver.

And finally, after much speculation over the final roster (annoying at times, but hell we needed something to talk about), Andre Barrett survived the final cut, giving the team the following depth chart:

Guards: Hinrich, Gordon, Sefolosha, Duhon, Barrett
Swingmen: Deng, Nocioni, Khryapa, Thomas, Griffin
Frontcourt: Wallace, Brown, Allen, Sweetney, Andriuskevicius

(I'd imagine the 3 inactive players will be Marty Andy, Barrett, and Griffin. And don't get too caught up on my position definitions, it's a versatile bunch!)

Look at that squad, I can't wait to see them in action. Here's to a great season both on the court and at the blog. Make sure you register to join in on the fun. 'Fun', meaning: actually talking about the games.