Barrett beats out Luke for 15th roster spot,1,5597319.story?c oll=cs-home-headlines

Soft-spoken and small, Andre Barrett left the Berto Center on Sunday with the Bulls' 15th roster spot, beating out 7-foot-1-inch Luke Schenscher, who was waived.

"It feels real good," Barrett said. "It shows my hard work paid off. [My trainer] put that mentality into my head to come into training camp and play like I'm going to make the team. He said sometimes I lacked that attitude and confidence."

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Barrett, generously listed at 5-10, seemed to be the last thing the Bulls needed--another smallish guard. Combined with Schenscher's familiarity with the program, his chances seemed remote.

But management became impressed with his ability to run the team, play defense and be a pass-first point guard. He scored two game-winning baskets during the preseason.

It also didn't hurt that Chris Duhon missed the last two practices with a sore foot and is coming off off-season back surgery. Or that Schenscher sprained his ankle severely Oct. 22 and missed the last three exhibition games.

"I'm happy for [Barrett]," Ben Gordon said. "I've known him for a long time. He's always worked really hard and had to show the doubters what he can do. Even though he's small, he can hit the open shot, run a team really well. He's pesky on defense."

Barrett, a New York native out of Seton Hall, played AAU ball against Duhon and Gordon in high school and played against Gordon and Kirk Hinrich in college.

"I knew there were a lot of talented guards," Barrett said. "But I also knew I could compete."

Barrett has averaged 3.6 points and 2.1 assists in 57 games with Houston, Orlando, Phoenix and Toronto over the last two seasons. He turned down other training-camp feelers because he liked the Bulls' style.

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