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More link dumpage

A few more links around the blogosphere from the week that was, feeling the Bulls buzz:

  • Didya know that has returned for the new season? And they spent quite a bit of time discussing the addition of Ben Wallace to the Bulls. A good read, for sure, and not just because there's a few Eastern Conference championship predictions sprinkled in there. Kevin Pelton is the most bullish (sorry) among the roundtable:
    I think the Bulls stood a decent chance of being contenders anyway [before the Wallace aquisition]. I think Luol Deng and Ben Gordon both take big steps forward this year, which helps take the offensive pressure off of Kirk Hinrich and makes Chicago a respectable offensive team. And don't sleep on P.J. Brown hitting the elbow jumper and running the pick-and-pop with Hinrich and Gordon.

    If I hear one more person talk about what a drag Wallace is on an offense, I'm going to scream. He didn't seem to hurt Detroit that much last year when they led the league in Offensive Rating much of the year, now did he? Wallace is a truly great player, one of the more underappreciated of his generation despite the All-Star and DPOY accolades. Assuming he doesn't seriously want to be a primary option on offense, as Flip Saunders has tried to imply, he'll be a huge addition.
  • Jeff at Celticsblog buys into my season-preview hype of a possible Bulls trade deadline blockbuster. That gets him comparing 'assets' between his C's and the Bulls.
  • Raptorblog is previewing every team in the league, and his Knicks preview devolves into fearing how good the Bulls can potentially be:
    In all likelihood, I will be gritting my teeth next May when the Knicks hand over a top five draft pick to the Chicago Bulls in the conclusion of the Eddy Curry trade. Maybe if we're lucky, there will be another Darko in next year's draft that will seduce Bulls' GM John Paxson. Otherwise, I fear that Isiah Thomas might have helped create another NBA dynasty in Chicago.
  • A couple of Eastern Conference previews from CanDanny and Hoopinion
  • FreeDarko is excited over Tyrus Thomas. (via TrueHoop)
  • Lastly, might as well mention link-fueled diaries here and here, in case you missed 'em.