FanPost Will Anyone Score on the Bulls?

This question is number nine in a series of 12 of the hottest questions in the NBA, answered by anonymous NBA scouts and other insiders, all carefully edited together by Paul Forrester. I was hoping this article would offer insight on defensive matchups against the better NBA teams, and who exactly will be able to overcome what could be one of the better team defenses in recent history. I should have learned not to keep my hopes about these things.

"Pound for pound, game for game, play for play, possession for possession [the Bulls] are the hardest working team in the NBA," a scout says. "[Now] they have aligned a defensive-minded player with a defensive-minded coach on one of the most resilient teams in the league, which combines the No. 1 individual defender with the league's No. 1 field-goal percentage and two-point field-goal percentage allowed defense. It is like a pre-arranged marriage that should last a lifetime."

But is it the power couple GM John Paxson hopes it will become? Not without a little more firepower.

Chicago hasn't ranked higher than 22nd in field-goal shooting in three years. And consider this: "The Bulls were among the bottom five in the NBA for points in the paint, field-goal percentage inside five feet and percentage of total points from within five feet," adds the scout. "Chicago was a perimeter-based team that relied on outside shooting to make up for inside scoring. The Bulls also were 28th in percentage of points coming from the free throw line."

Now manning the middle will be Wallace, who has averaged fewer than seven points a game and shot 42 percent from the line over his career.

This is getting old.

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