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Starting lineup chit-chat [Open (preseason) game thread: Bulls vs. Memphis Grizzlies]

Game is at 7:30 on ComcastSportsNet.

Already the speculation has begun as to who will be in the starting lineup tonight and at the start of the season. I thought it'd be what the preseason started as: Hinrich/Gordon/Deng/Brown/Wallace. Maybe this is just idle speculation:

Skiles didn't reveal his new lineup, but one possibility is switching veteran power forward P.J. Brown from a starter to basically the backup center behind Ben Wallace. That way, Deng and Nocioni would start, while Thomas and Khryapa could join Brown on a reserve front line.

I think Noc is best as a sixth man, as the Bulls would need a scorer in the frontcourt if the other two guys are a combination of Thomas/Khrapa/Brown/Sweetney, etc. Especially if you were worried about bench scoring in the first place, as the article continues:

One difference this season is if Ben Gordon's shot isn't falling, the Bulls don't really have any offensive-minded replacements ready to step in. During the past two years, Skiles often turned to Jannero Pargo or Eric Piatkowski to try and ignite the offense.

Noc has is faults, but I think he'd be a great 'offensive-minded replacement'. Especially better than Pike or Pargo. Season hasn't even started that and the nostalgia of cast-offs has already begun.

And lets hope this is completely baseless stuff from KC Johnson (btw, welcome back to the beat KC! We missed ya last season. [I mean that]):

Despite missing the last two games to receive his British citizenship in London, Luol Deng didn't lose his starting job. Kirk Hinrich and Ben Wallace also will start.

That leaves current starters P.J. Brown and Ben Gordon as candidates to come off the bench, most likely Gordon.

Who exactly is going to start at the two then, Thabo? Griffin....... the return of the Duhon-Hinrich starting backcourt. (::shudder::)

Really now, why have Ben as your off-the bench gunner if you can have Noc fill that role, which can also alleviate the small forward 'problem'.