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Link Dump

  • Henry Abbott of TrueHoop (and a Blazers fan) is not surprised that Viktor Khryapa is having a good preseason.
  • Some bloggers that should've read my John Hollinger post: here, here, here and here.
  • The NBA Source is back from their long blogging hiatus.
  • Two examples of the patented 'new team, new beginnings, blah blah blah' articles about my ex-favorite Bull(my new one is Luol Deng, in case you were wondering), Tyson Chandler. Isn't the Trib being a little rough here with the headline? Chandler didn't live up to the #2 overall pick, but he had a better Bulls career than Curry, and isn't at a Kwame Brown or Michael Olowakandi level of 'bust'-dom. 
  • Great quote about Ben Wallace from Kevin Garnett:
    "Some people just cut the grass, and they're like, 'Phew, that's it. I ain't going to plant the flowers, chop the wood, cut the grass, hit the hedges and rake the leaves -- and then I've got to rake the little scraps up from when I cut the grass? I ain't going to do all that stuff.' "That's why Ben Wallace works in this league. He uses the broom. He uses the rake. He sweeps. He doesn't take the blower and blow it. If you're a country boy, you understand that."
    Well as a suburban boy who never effectively finished a lawn-mowing job by sweeping up the grass clippings, I understood it too.