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Self-serving links, my favorite!

  • Dime Magazine asked me a couple months ago to write up a Bulls preview blurb for their season preview issue. Do they love the idea of getting bloggers' opinions, or just like free content? (probably a little of both) Either way, there's a blogger for every team, although these previews are at 100 words. At least, mine was (and it's hard to keep something like that to so few words), I think some other bloggers cheated.

    Yes, on this preview (like the NBABlogPreviews one) I make a reference to a possible big trade down the line, which led to some lively discussion before. To clarify, it's just a vague feeling, it doesn't have to be at this season's trading deadline...but hopefully by then the team will know what they have and what they need to go for a title, and decide accordingly whether to pull the trigger.
  •'s podcast is doing their own previews, with Ryan interviewing NBA bloggers from all over the web. You can go here for my interview, which was actually conducted earlier this summer. But if you missed it, here's a second chance to hear my lovely voice (and as a teaser I can say there will be more opportunities soon).
  • Finally, I recently added a SBNation hoops colleague, as ClipsNation has joined the ranks. So stop by and say hello, it's an excellent blog and a great addition to the best NBA blogging network around.