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30 teams in 30 days

Sure, you'd think not blogging full-time for the past 3 weeks wouldn't cause me to miss much, with training camp barely underway. However, turns out this site has neglected a great piece of collaboration amongst the NBA blogosphere: NBA Blog Previews.

The brainchild of Jeff at Celticsblog, this project has a blogger representative from each team (and many teams having more than one) doing a team's season preview every day. It serves as a one-stop writing display of the best bloggers around, and a great place to catch up on what to expect from the 'other' teams around the league. Having a fan-based preview leads to some homerism (case in point: every preview in the Atlantic division is thinking playoffs), but it's also more passionate and detailed than you can expect from anything this side of John Hollinger.

If you haven't been going already, luckily you haven't missed too much, there are two divisions completed with the Central Division coming up, starting off with my Bulls preview on Wednesday. So use today to get yourself caught up, and of course to let me know how mine stacks up with the rest.