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Game Thread #31: Bulls vs. Seattle SuperSonics (update below)

No need for me to preview this one, we all get the special bi-annual treat of getting a Kevin Pelton (who guests at 82Games and CourtSideTimes) preview at

Tyson Chandler will sit tonight after spraining his ankle Monday, which is depressing since it means we all have to wait even longer for his season to get back on track. Maybe Skiles will continue his 'small-ball' fascination and start Pargo while moving Deng to center. Lineup changes are already being discussed over at the Diaries, and I'm with the majority in being NOT a fan of Skiles' 3-guard lineup. We'll see with Chandler's absence what Skiles comes up with tonight. 

This will be the Sonics' first game with new coach Bob Hill. An in-season change like this always makes me weary of a fired-up team (more informally referred to as a 'honeymoon' game), like I was in Riley's first game back for the Heat. Do owners look at the Bulls on the schedule and figure it's a good way to break in a new coach?

Hold out hope for a victory though, as the Sonics are the worst defensive team in basketball.

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And again, read Pelton's preview.

I'll be at the UC and allowing my DVR to be extremely usefull, taping the BCS title game and thus condensing the watch-time from 6 hours to about 2.

Update: I think I'm going to be sick...

After watching Duhon's 0-5 (4pts) in 38 minutes...I'll just say I think the 3-guard lineup needs one less guard.