Time to start games with a 5 player offense

So to shake things up, Skiles has been tinkering with our starting lineup.  I think it's time to identify the players with the most potential and give them major minutes.  In my opinion, the no-brainers are Hinrich-Gordon-Deng at 1-2-3.  All these guys should have their minutes upped to 35-40 mpg.  The overriding theme in these lineups is that we have 5 starters capable of scoring.  (No more annoying Duhon extra passes.) There have been no outstanding defensive units or players aside from Hinrich, so I think that puts the focus on solidifying the offense.  Here are my proposed starting lineups in order of what I think would be the most effective at this point:

1.  PG Hinrich, SG Gordon, SF Deng, PF Nocioni, C Sweetney

Adv: All capable scorers.  Noc can draw out big PF defenders with his improved shooting, has shown he can defend bigger PFs, Sweets gives us a low-post threat.  Our top 5 ppg are starting.

DisAdv:  Undersized at SG, PF, and C.   Gordon is a liability on D even with improvements.  Sweets and Noc out of position.

2.  PG Hinrich, SG Gordon, SF Deng, PF Songaila, C Sweetney

Adv:  All capable scorers.  Songaila adds size and offensive suaveness at PF to draw out defenders.

DisAdv: Songaila is a poor rebounder.  Sweets is undersized and out of position at C.  Gordon / Songaila / Sweets (at C) are defensive liabilities.

3.  PG Hinrich, SG Gordon, SF Deng, PF Sweetney, C Chandler

Adv:  4 capable scorers, an active Chandler could grab boards for 2nd chance points and shore up the D.  All our potential stars are starters. This is our ideal lineup long-term but of course Chandler/Gordon/Sweets all have consistency problems. If Chandler isn't active on defense then he's worthless.

DisAdv:  Gordon defensive liability.  Chandler offensive liability.  Essentially 4 man offense and defense.

4.  PG Hinrich, SG Gordon, SF Deng, PF Sweetney, C Harrington

Adv:  All capable scorers.  2 low post threats in Sweets and Harrington.

DisAdv:  Gordon defensive liability.  Harrington would be a bit undersized at C and is a poor defender.  He is also a stopgap and known quantity who would take away time from Chandler.

I'm curious to see what all of you think.  Feel free to propose other lineups!

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