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Link dancing

In between Bulls losses I managed gather enough emotional strength to contribute an article to If you don't already visit that site regularly, I highly recommend it. It's the place for thinking NBA fans, with original writing and analysis accompanying the latest NBA news. So check out my other work and enjoy my annoying tendency to use complicated words in order to sound smart. It's fun.

The latest Carnival of the NBA is up at Celtics17. Go find a new blog you may not have known about...there seems to be new ones featured in every addition of the carnival.

The first (hopefully) annual Sports Blog Awards has concluded, with CelticsBlog taking the honors for best NBA blog. Congrats to Celticsblog, and runners up TrueHoop, JESkeets, and RaptorBlog. This blog finished 6th (right behind SBNation colleague PoundingTheRock). Hopefully these awards gain some credibility by next December, though I'd should add that this year was already a pretty big success. 

And lastly, if you want to discuss the feasibility of Paul Pierce coming to the Bulls, leave comments at this post until further notice. There's already some great conversation regarding it and I think it's worth talking about (unlike a pie-in-the-sky scenario like Garnett or not-a-chance like Artest).