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Something for the Weekend

Two games this weekend, starting Friday night against the hapless Houston Rockets. They do have one of my favorite NBA players, but without McGrady and Yao they are likely the worst team in the league right now. Saturday night will be a much tougher contest, at Indiana. Lets see get some momentum, shall we?

Other stuff from around the web:

Lastly, there's an MP3 available of an interview John Paxson had on the Score Thursday afternoon. Really interesting interview, Pax is very open and honest about the team's need for a superstar, his content with Skiles' job so far, and his problem with the team's free-throw discrepancies. The Score hosts, Boers and Bernstein, know their NBA basketball, so this was a great interview.

And with that, enjoy the weekend. And feel free to scroll down, I was blogging somethin' fierce this week!