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Anything happen at the Bulls game Wednesday night?

[I'd normally be upset that the whole Antonio Davis thing distracted everyone from a thrilling Bulls win, but honestly while the ending was thrilling (return of last year's Gordon?), the game mostly sucked. I mean, this was the Knicks, on the road, without their best player. And a 4th quarter lead got blown and lead to an overtime which should've never happened anyway. Maybe it gets the team going, since Paxson did call for the players to fight for themselves and Duhon took that pretty literally, pushing and jawing with Maurice Taylor until both were ejected. It correlated with a victory, but I doubt Duhon 'sparked' anything with that. Perhaps, I guess....maybe...]

Not to write a long dissertation on the Davis matter just to get in on controversy (since my NBA dress code post went over SO well with everyone, haha), but I really was miffed how fast the windsocks of sports media took the opportunity to accost the 'drunken Chicago fan'. Or simply the sports fan in general (although Chicago has been singled out due to several incidents the past 5 years), before actually finding out what happened Wednesday night.

Deadspin did a hell of a job Thursday collecting  first-hand accounts from the United Center (yes I was there too, but was up in 300-level and had no idea any of this happened till I turned on the television). I've also seen message board postings(Via Mr. Irrelevant) and heard callers on The Score describing past incidents that suggest while maybe not a psycho, Mrs. Davis certainly has exhibited a quick temper. I even have my own Kendra Davis story: At a Bulls/Blazers game when AD was a Bull, sitting in very nice seats, I saw Kendra Davis (I couldn't confirm it, but pretty certain) getting in a heated exchange with Blazers guard Jeff McInnis. Antonio (and his ex-teammate Dale Davis) had to eventually come over and settle her down.

 I know a lot of this stuff is unsubstantiated, but there is sure a lot of chatter. Will Leitch (of the aforementioned was on Sports Bloggers Live , and said it very well(and I'll paraphrase), pointing out that everyone was so quick to denounce the stereotypical 'drunken Chicago barroom dope' immediately after the incident. But after hearing stories about Kendra Davis, suddenly the story given by the actual fan involved in the altercation doesn't seem so outlandish. (note in that article who the fan's father is: it doesn't appear that he's some money-grubbing half-wit who's looking for his meal ticket via litigation).

This has nothing to do with what Antonio Davis did, and how he was behaving as a 'man' or whatever. If you are to believe him that he thought that his wife was in dire straits(regardless of who started the altercation), then that's his justification. But I think that story is suspect in itself. Was he reasonably concerned about his wife's safety, or instead the likelihood of her causing an incident? Sun-Times NBA writer John Jackson was on ESPNEWS quoting Maurice Taylor as to saying that Davis knew something was going on for a few possessions before the timeout was called, and Jackson speculated why he didn't simply alert security at the next game stoppage(questioning the 'it happened too fast' argument)? And I've heard similar questions from other outlets wondering why Davis was so calm going in the stands, if he sensed a true danger to his wife why wasn't he rushing up there?

I'm not posting on this to assign fault on any of the parties, or suggest the severity of punishment. Just some advice to be reasonable and wait for all the facts to get in. I find it interesting that while the worldwide leader was quickly grabbing every ex-jock they could find to talk about fan abuse, bloggers like Deadspin were trying to get the actual story before making assumptions. So follow their lead, and wait for the questions to be answered before assuming this was another case of fan buffoonery. The least I can do for the good name of Bulls fans, right?