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Game Thread #30: Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks (UPDATE BELOW)

So it's come to this: Wondering why the Bulls didn't keep Adrian Griffin.

The Bulls had a decent showing on New Years Eve, at least looking somewhat inspired before losing in overtime (their 6th straight loss) to Phoenix. I was only half-watching the game between new years beers, while feeling bad for the holiday crowd that not only had to see a loss but had to stay through the extra period to do so. 

The rotation was definately noteworthy, as the Bulls had a starting lineup of Hinrich/Gordon/Duhon/Deng/Chandler. Not only did Sweetney get removed from the starting lineup, but he didn't play the entire game. Could be the Suns unorthodox style, or some bad practices from Sweetney. I guess we'll find out Monday night as the Bucks wouldn't pose the same matchup problems the Suns did for him.

The Bucks lost TJ Ford recently, but his backup Mo Williams may be even better, with 30 and 24-point outputs his last 2 games. I'm sure there will much to-do about the Bulls' relative lack of height against Bogut, Maggloire and Gadzuric. Kirk will also have his defensive work cut out for him defending Michael Redd.

I'll be at the UC with bells on. May the new year bring a win. pllllleeeeaaaassse.

UPDATE: Bulls lose again. Join us in the comments where the bitch session is in full force.

Meanwhile I will try and photoshop Bulls jerseys on Paul Pierce.