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Game Thread #36: Bulls vs Indiana Pacers

The Bulls play another struggling team Saturday night (hopefully turns out better than at Minnesota), the Indiana Pacers. Since Crazy Ron Artest's trade demand, they've been pretty average. While they have the depth to stay afloat, the Pacers are not championship-caliber without Ron.

Blogging with the Enemy: Pacer Nation | Pacer Tidbits

Maybe this is a good time to reflect on Ron Artest. If you've missed my musings on the former Bull (and soon to be former Pacer) before, here's a synopsis:

  • He's not misunderstood, he's mentally unstable. Or at least emotionally immature to the point where he needs constant supervision.
  • The Bulls were smart to trade him when they did. They were not smart in getting Jalen Rose in return.
  • In addition to the incidents we've heard about, there are likely countless others that were kept 'in-house' that were 'detrimental to the team'.
  • If Carlisle/Bird/Walsh can't control him, I'm not sure who can.
  • It's not just off-court eccentricities: the guy asks for a trade so he can get more shots, threatens to retire to pursue other interests. Just doesn't seem like a teammate you'd enjoy playing with.
  • I doubt Ron Artest will ever be even a 3rd option on a title-contending team. He's not consistent enough to be a top option, and whines when he's pushed down below that.

But I did like:

  • Ron removing his picture from the Berto Center hallway when he got traded. Made me say "Shine on you crazy diamond...somewhere else"
  • The Circuit City story.
  • When he cracked Jordan's ribs before Jordan's Wiz comeback. I wish I could've seen that.

Go Bears!