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Game Thread #35: Bulls at Minnesota Timberwolves

Sure, they have Garnett, but Tyson's up to the task! Actually, this may not be the best time to see if the ankle's all healed. I think the 'let KG get his' defense may be in effect tonight.

I'm also interested in seeing the Bulls guards go up against the big backcourt of Marco Jaric and Trenton Hassell. And yes, I've gotten over letting Trenton Hassell go. I think I was ok with that the day after it happened.

Blogging with the Enemy: GH and Petey's Timberwolves Blog (If you go there, you'll notice they're not happy lately with their Wolves...they've lost 3 in a row)

Leave your comments on the game below. I won't have timely thoughts since I'll be celebrating the return of 'Lost' tonight, while kissing my DVR gently for allowing me to watch the Bulls later.