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Some Bulls/Raps thoughts

From other people!

Unknown Column: "Hey, remember yesterday when I said Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon and Luol Deng could all score twenty per night? Well, against Toronto, Hinrich (25 pts), Gordon (19), and Deng (21) almost did. Sure, the Bulls were playing the Raptors, but it counts all the same. I could get used to that kind of productivity."

RaptorsHQ: "The Raptors have a dearth of big bodies and therefore players like Michael Sweetney, Othella Harrington, Darius Songaila and Andres Nocionni give the team nothing but headaches with their aggressive style [whoa whoa whoa, a team can't match up with the *Bulls* inside? -ed]  . We simply don't have the size to contend with these players as witnessed by the complete and utter uselessness of Aaron Williams, Rafael Araujo and even CV Smooth on this evening. But even more disastrous to the Raptors given their lack of perimeter defence, is the Bulls abundance of small, quick and atheletic guards. The Raptors don't have the foot speed and defensive skills at this point to match up with the Ben Gordons, Chris Duhons and Kirk Hinrichs of the league and these 3 continuously carved Toronto's defence up finding open players resulting in so many successful 3 pointers."

HoopsAddict: "In the fourth quarter Toronto continued to swing the ball around until they found the open man and they were able to pull within two points with 8 minutes left in the game. And then... complete garbage! Toronto stopped playing help defense (which allowed Chicago to get easy looks) and they stopped swinging the ball which allowed the Bulls to coast to a 113-103 victory."

RaptorBlog: "As usual, Kirk Hinrich sliced and diced the Raptors while leading his team with 25 points and 11 assists. Kirk must love facing these guys because he lights them up like pinball machines every time. Then again, his whole team must salivate at the prospect of another automatic win over the Raptors - last night's win extended the Bulls' winning streak over Toronto to 11 games."

It's true, there's less to write about when the team's looking good. Except 'keep it up', I guess.

I should mention how good it is to see Ben Gordon starting. Make no mistake, management wanted this from the start of the year, but Ben had an awful preseason in his trial as a starter. Seeing him out in the beginning of games is another sign that the season's getting back on track. Not only towards the playoffs, but to find out exactly what we have in Gordon and others.

For the same reason (remember, this is still about development this season) I also like the new lineup due to it pushing Duhon and Nocioni to the bench. They project to be bench players anyway, so might as well get them in that role so they can learn it better.

Still waiting for your game to show up though, Tyson Chandler. Then we can truly discuss whether the Bulls are back. Then, um, get to actual improvement.