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Bulls Bits

The New York Post reports the Knicks have offered Tim Thomas and Mike Sweetney in a sign-and-trade deal for Eddy Curry. Both Thomas and Sweetney's deals expire at the end of the season but Paxson has repeatedly refused the deal.

The Lakers worked out former Bull Corie Blount, who didn't play last season. Blount played for the Lakers from 1996-99 and is experienced in the triangle offense, having played for Phil Jackson's Bulls for two seasons. Poor Corie arrived the season after the third of the Bulls six championship seasons and left before the fourth to go to the Lakers. Then he left the Lakers the season before they went on to win three titles.

There's been a Dali sighting! Yahoo Italia has reported that Dalibor Bagaric turned down an offer from the Sonics to remain with Fortitudo Bologna. I don't know what's more shocking, the fact that the Sonics wanted Dali or that he turned down the offer.