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Speculative final roster

Going by today's Sun-Times, we can speculate 3 final roster additions:

1)Eddy Curry will sign the qualifying offer
2)Darius Songaila will be a Bull (sooner or later)
3)Jannero Pargo will be back.

Of course this is after liberally substituting 'will' for the more accurate 'may', but assuming this holds here is your roster going into training camp:

PG: Hinrich/Duhon/Pargo
SG: Gordon/Badsen/Piatkowski
SF: Deng/Nocioni
PF: Chandler/Harrington/Songaila
C: Curry/Davis/Allen

Maximum roster size is 15, so that leaves one spot to be won in training camp, possibly by Drago Paslic. Or even old man Adrian Griffin could be back, considering he could at least provide depth at swingman which looks to be needed more than another frontcourt player. Whoever it is will be on the inactive list with Pargo and another player (Pike? Allen?), so it's really not that big of a deal.

I do like putting the roster out there though, just gets me even more excited for camp.

For some weekend reading, friend of Kelly Dwyer has his Central Division offseason review up at