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Welcome to!

Hello to both longtime readers and those who are new. You're looking at the brand new home for the premier Chicago Bulls blog, BlogABull. Note the oh so clever play on words in the blog title, it's that kind of priceless wit you will find here, naturally packaged with top-notch NBA coverage. In my delusions of grandeur like to think so, anyway.

While the site is new, my blogging of the Bulls has been going on for over 2 years over at my now former home, Bulls Blog. The good folks behind SBNation and I have been planning this move for months, and it's good to be finally on board just in time for the regular season. I've re-posted the last few entries from the old site, but unfortunately to get to my entire backlog of archives you will need to go to there.

While the content will be pretty much the same, the move over to SBNation does have it's perks. Commenting will now be an extension of the post it belongs to (instead of using HaloScan), and the new Diaries feature will allow even more opportunity for reader feedback. For those that are new, I am proud to say that over the past 2+ years this blog has enjoyed a very intelligent and active readership, so I hope that high standard can continue here. With all blogs, registration is required. Just provide a valid email address (hell, make one up for the occasion if you're the type who shuns email registration) and you'll be validated by clicking on the link provided in the email sent from here. just looks real nice, doesn't it?

So check out the archives, read or write a diary, leave me comments and emails to tell me what you think,  update your bookmarks and feeds, and check back here at for what will be an exciting Bulls, NBA, and blogging season.