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Never too early

There are still many questions to be answered by the Bulls in the coming months, from the possible signing of Darius Songaila to the re-signings of Curry and Chandler.

But next offseason will be the big one. If the team shows improvement this season (whether or not it means as many wins) the 2006 offseason could be where Paxson looks for the final piece to make the Bulls contenders in the East. With the contracts of Antonio Davis and Eddie Robinson (yes, he's still getting paid) coming off the books that summer the Bulls will be far enough under the cap to get one top-flight free agent or perhaps a couple mid-level guys, naturally depending on how much of it is going to Curry and Chandler by then.

A new blog called The NBA Source has done the dirty work ranking all the free agents for 2006. Sure it can be seen as looking 'too far ahead', but this cap room is what Paxson has been waiting for, so take a look at his possible targets.

And as far as this offseason is concerned, another new blog, 120 Proof Ball, has been giving the league their summer grades.