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Game Thread #18: Bulls vs Los Angeles Lakers

Kurt at Forum Blue and Gold has a game preview that is very comprehensive, especially if you're wondering what the Lakers have been up to since they lost to the Bulls a couple weeks ago.

On the injury front, Ben Gordon's knee is going to keep him out all weekend, but Kirk Hinrich is expected to play after suffering a concussion early in the Dallas game. With Kirk back I'd expect a little less Pargo (since he's an emergency pg), but he still should see minutes as the backup off-guard.

In the frontcourt, Tyson Chanlder is expected to play but it seems his shortness of breath issues have no rhyme or reason, so I'm not sure what to expect from him. Mike Sweetney had a big game in his last encounter with the Lakers' frontcourt, so maybe this will help him (relatively) get back on track.

Should be a large and lively crowd at the United Center for all the pregame Pippen festivities. It'd be nice for the Bulls to put on a good show.

And For all that Pippen stuff, scroll down...