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Game Thread #17: Bulls at Orlando Magic (UPDATE BELOW)

Real quick, since game is starting at 6CST...

Hinrich's out tonight after getting Dirk-ed. Deng got Dirk-ed as well but is expected to play.

Here's a nice column on former Magic guard Scott Skiles and how he turned around the Bulls.

Steve Francis may use tonight to get his revenge on Nocioni, who elbowed him in the head in their last meeting. If you saw the telecast, Dore and Kerr claimed they heard Francis tell the refs that he would get Nocioni back. Maybe he has a calendar with a big X on every date leading up to this one...

Ok, that's it. let's beat 'em like last time.

Update: Bulls get another win over Orlando, using a small, hot-shooting lineup in a 35 point 3rd quarter en route to a 102-93 victory.

And nothing says 'small' and 'hot-shooting' like Jannero Pargo, who played major minutes with Kirk Hinrich out with a concussion. Pargo shot 9-13, 5-8 on 3 pointers (including a half court shot to end the 3rd) netting 23 points without shooting a freethrow (that's Pargo for ya). Luol Deng was huge yet again, with 22 points (to go along with 10 rebounds) of his own.

Skiles stuck with this shorter (in the height sense) rotation, with Eddie Basden also getting 10 minutes while Othella Harrington and Tyson Chandler were limited to under 9 minutes combined. Tyson sat after his initial stint with some sort of internal ailment, speculated to be related to his hiatal hernia reported a couple weeks ago. Actually it may not be that, since he's going in for more tests. And Skiles disregards any questions related to it. In Skiles' case, I think he just doesn't want to play doctor to the press, but nevertheless it just adds to the mystery of Tyson's condition.

Ben Gordon also seemed to hurt is knee in the game, although he played for 30 minutes.

While Skiles' short lineup worked tonight, going small wasn't without it's drawbacks.The Bulls were outboarded on the offensive glass 11-4, and Dwight 'oh my god is he scary good' Howard had 16 boards by himself.

This kindof thing works in spurts, and I'm not going to be campaigning for more Jannero Pargo time. Consider it lightning in a bottle, and hope that Tyson gets his stamina back very soon.

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