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Neighborly link love

Thought I'd point out there's a new guy who's covering the Bulls at MVN. We can all agree that the last guy was...bad. But so far Joel has written quite a bit lately, especially game recaps.

There's also his most recent post campaigning for Gordon and Deng to be in the starting lineup. Nothing too new with that idea, but after seeing Ben Gordon try and run the point in the 2nd quarter of the Mavericks game, I'm closer to being convinced. The sooner Ben's made the starting 2-Guard the better. I know he looked bad starting in the preseason, but maybe he's just a slow starter (is that a pun? It's something), since just like his rookie year Gordon is now shooting really well a couple weeks into the season.

And if you've been reading this blog long enough, you know that I'd prefer Duhon start the game on the bench, leaving Hinrich at the 1.