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Game Thread #28: Low point of the season thread (i.e. at Charlotte)

Having a disgruntled Christmas at BlogABull hasn't seemed to work any magic, as the Bulls losing streak has been extended to 5 games.

I'd say Wednesday night's game against the Bobcats would be a good chance to break the skid, but the Bulls are 1-1 against the 2nd year team and in all reality should be 0-2 if not for a miraculous comeback on opening night.

After reading comments here and here, morale is low among the Bulls faithful when watching these games. Granted this is a low point, but, come on: it's a long season. I would not get too hung up on the singular wins and losses. They're still an average team looking towards and average record and a low playoff seed.

But what I think is genuinely troubling (and I'm guessing this is for most of you as well) is the lack of progress from last year. Big guards/swingmen still kill them (and give a big hello to Gerald Wallace Wednesday night, you'll probably see a lot of him). Tyson Chandler has regressed. Ben Gordon is still inconsistent. Mike Sweetney has looked good at points but has not had a breakout year. They still foul too damned much. The dreaded 'players-only practice' has occurred.

But Chandler and Sweetney have played better recently. We know Ben can score, and hit big shots. Hinrich will eventually get his shot back. Luol Deng is starting his breakout season. Duhon and Nocioni are better shooters than last year.

I think it all hinges on Tyson Chandler. He was the most important part of the Bulls near-league-leading defense last year. With him off to a slow start (whether it was due to being out of shape or a medical condition, or both, or neither) the Bulls defense and effort level has failed them in several games. These are areas where Tyson excels, and as he showed in the Cavs game on Monday, he can score a little as well. I'm not talking about his overall career development: he still has no go-to move offensively. But he's not even the Tyson Chandler of last year who gave management reason for his contract extension this summer.

Do you really believe the loss of Eddy Curry and Antonio Davis would mean this much to their interior defense? Eddy wouldn't know help defense if it smacked him in the back of the head. And while AD put in some good years here, he'd only be a year older if he were still around. It's the poor play of Chandler that's submarined this year's defensive unit, and hopefully his slow start is behind him so the Bulls can get back to winning.

Then we can all gather 'round and figure out exactly what to do with Ben Gordon and the unsolved M2GwcDaS  problem.