Okay, I must admit, watching Lebron tonight against the Bulls, I've finally seen something reminiscient of Michael Jordan.

Lebron posted up late in the game, took every big shot down the stretch, and seemed to be nailing the fade-away jumper MJ perfected late in his career.

Maybe Lebron just had a good night, but I could only picture MJ consistently breaking other teams' hearts with clutch shot after clutch shot.
Each time Lebron would make one of those MJ turn-around jumpers, they would cut to him running back on defense, shaking his head, with a look on his face that said, "You can't guard me."

And I wanted to punch him in his grill for the smugness he portrayed, but again, I was reminded of MJ and thought that must be what the Cavs fans used to say watching MJ and his cut-your-heart-out attitude.

I don't believe in karma, but, wow, what a mirroring change in fortune these two teams seem to have found.

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