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Disgruntled Christmas thread

They've lost 2 in a row, both at home, both winnable games. After the complete throttling of Boston on Saturday, I was expecting big things on this homestand, but right now this has to be the low point of the season for the Bulls. I doubt going to Memphis this Friday night will make things any better. Here's hoping it is the low point of the season, because this really isn't the team to have 2 bad efforts in a row, let alone 3.

I'm not going to overreact. I had them pegged at around 43 wins, basically a .500 team. They've basically been....a .500 team. So it's not entirely surprising.

But In honor of their recent bad play, use this commenting thread to bring up who's been disappointing, who needs to be traded, who the Bulls should target both this season and in the offseason. Basically, in the spirit of the season lets ask Paxson Claus for a gift. I think we've been good enough to deserve one.

Oh, and Happy Holidays all the readers out there :-)