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Game Thread #24: Bulls vs Charlotte Bobcats(UPDATED BELOW)

I'll say it before and I'll say it again: 'Bobcats' is a name appropriate for a girls softball team.

Speaking of soft, Bobcats forward Sean May has been touted by NBA Source as a potential breakout player in tonight's game against his 'similar bodied' opponent Michael Sweetney. I was gonna rag on this choice until seeing that May's PER is only slightly below Sweetney's (16.1 to 16.4). I think I was confusing Ray Felton's suckitude with May's. That said, consider me among the many at opening night who booed May every time he entered the game, so I refuse to look at him analytically and just say Sweetney will beat him up and down the court. We shall not forget.

In case you forgot that last Bobcats/Bulls game already, the Bulls overcame a 21-point 4th quarter deficit to win. Let's hope it doesn't have to come to such heroics to get victory this time...the Bobcats usually play hard, but are pretty bad.

Heard on WSCR this afternoon that Luol Deng is out tonight with a knee injury, Ben Gordon is still not 100% with a similar ailment, but should play.

Emeka Okafor is out for the Bobcats, which is nice. More Sean May to boo. Leave comments (even if they're not Sean May related) during/after the game below.

Update: Well now I can empathize with Sactown Royalty.

Just a step slow all night it seemed. The Bobcats' two point guards Brevin Knight and Ray Felton went for 20 and 21 respectively. Without Luol Deng, The Bulls had no answer for swingman Gerald Wallace, and to a lesser extent the similarly-built Bogans and Jones, who all scored in double digits. Frequently throughout the night the Bulls were forced to put bigger, slower defenders (including their best option, Nocioni), and coupled with their guard penetration the Bobcats seemed to move the ball and score with ease.

With the Bobcats going small without Okafor, Ely, and Voskhul, one would think this would provide a rare opportunity for the Bulls to use their size. However, due to foul trouble both Sweetney and Chandler played only around 20 minutes. Othella Harrington did his best to compensate, leading the Bulls with 16 on 7of8 shooting, but when you let the Bobcats shoot 51% you know it's not your night.

This was a real opportunity to have a nice homestand too...

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