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Link dump

Warning: Prolonged exposure to bullet points may cause harm to expectant mothers and those with epilepsy.

  • First off: Carnival of the NBA hit the big #21 at YAYSports. To celebrate it's in two parts. Hopefully there will be less vomit involved than my own 21st.
  • Here's yet another good retrospective on Scottie Pippen.
  • For some reason I really enjoy checking out what's happening in the NBDL. While the Bulls have no players assigned there, other teams are using their affiliations. I'm a fan because I really want the concept to work: a true minor league, instead of the amateur sham at the NCAA. For this I hope The NBA Source posts more NBDL Happenings in the future. FreeDarko (in their typical bloviating style) recently put up a D-League related post regarding Julius Hodge.

    Also, I'll be keeping an eye on Atlanta's Donta Smith, a second round pick in 2004 who I wrote about way back when after reading some eyebrow-raising comments aimed at him by Rick Pitino after Smith went in that draft instead of to Pitino's Louisville.
  • SBNation colleague Red Reporter is going to host a Sports Blogging awards. Nominations are being accepted now, so go and suggest your favorite Chicago Bulls-themed blog in the NBA blogging category, even if your real favorite blog is Raptorblog or something.