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Game Thread #2 - Bulls @ New Jersey Nets

Early start time, 6:30 Central.

I did hear this morning on AM1000 that Kirk Hinrich will start tonight, despite injuring his ankle in the season opener.

What I'll be watching for in this game is how the Bulls exploit the Nets' lack of depth. After their big 3 of Kidd, Jefferson, and Carter (along with skilled -but soft- Center Nenad Kristic) there isn't much else in New Jersey.

The Nets are on the second end of a back-to-back after winning last night in Toronto, so maybe the Bulls can use their more balanced roster to exploit a potentially tired Nets starting 5.

Update: Not much to add. Fouled far too much, Noc and Harrington were pretty awful, Tyson scored 1 point. That said they had a win before giving it away, but hard to count this as any kind of moral victory.