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Game Thread #13: Bulls at New York Knicks(UPDATE BELOW)

Curse those Knicks!

Not sure if Eddy Curry will play or not tonight, as he's been out the last few with a sore...leg. Not sure, think it was his calf.

This will be fun if the Bulls beat them down, but it's on the road so no predictions. I can't wait to watch though...wish I had more time to come up with a decent preview, but it's an early (6:30Central) start.

Blogging with the Enemy: Knickerblogger | Father Knickerbocker

(While I root against the Knicks, I do love Knicks blogs)

UPDATE: What the monkey christ was that.

4th quarter collapse, outscored 35-19.

19 TO, 40 fouls. The Knicks shot 45-57 from the foul line. How many outlet passes were thrown in the 2nd row?

Eddy Curry was in a suit all night, and his buddy Tyson might as well have been too (0pts, 5rebs, fouled out in 18 minutes).

The Referees were terrible, and it was compounded by the Bulls getting out hustled in that 4th. Maybe the Knicks just figured out that every time they touched a Bulls player they'd get a trip to the free through line. Either way they just seemed quicker to every ball in the 2nd half.

And lastly, Jamal Crawford still sucks.

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