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Popcornmachine: learn to love it is a very cool resource that I'll be referring to throughout the season.What it does is parse play-by-play logs to provide a timeline of the game in relation to the points scored by a team and their opponent.

I'd say that the Bulls opening night win had plenty of change in 'flow', so I'll use it as an example to point out the cool features popcornmachine provides for every game.

The game is broken down as a +/- in points by team, by lineup, and by player. So you can find out things like:

  • The Bulls greatest deficit was -25
  • When their starters (Hinrich/Duhon/Nocioni/Songaila/Chandler) began the game, their time on the court yielded a net -2 points. When they started the 3rd quarter, that 'stint' yielded -5 points.
  • Nocioni's numbers overall was awful. In his 14 minutes on the court the Bulls were -18. This verified what I could tell while watching the game. Especially when he came in the 2nd quarter the Bulls were -8. In that stint he went 0-1 from the field with 2 fouls.
  • On the other side of the coin, Chandler was +18, Gordon was +15, and Pike was +25. Needless to say they all were in the game during the 4th quarter comeback.
  • We know the Bulls lineup in the 4th performed well. But they did better per-minute after Songaila subbed in for Sweetney.
  • After Kirk Hinrich left the game with a sprained ankle near the end of the 3rd, the Bulls were +25 through the end of the game (and overtime).

I could go on and on. Like I said, very cool.

And for those who think there is all stat-geek nonsense, the only stat that truly matters is that the Bulls ended the game +4, as in a 109-105 win.