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Game Thread: Bulls vs. Bobcats

I'll have an 'official' game thread up here all season, your place for comments before, during, and after the game.

However I probably won't be writing much today since I'll be there in person.

Commenter 'One F' beat me to getting up a preview, so go there.

Man, it's gonna be a great night: the Bulls are back. Well, great unless they lose to the freaking Bobcats.

UPDATE(11pm):. Wow. I stayed the whole game, but not because I'm some never-say-die fan, I just was stunned they looked so terrible and was trying to figure out how they could be down 25 at home to the Bobcats.

Then Pike hit some shots, they locked down the Defense (finally), and Duhon had a spectacular game especially considering he was the only ballhandler left when Kirk Hinrich went down in the 4th with a sprained ankle. Darius Songaila started his soon-to-be-fabled Bulls legend with the tying 3, and by then the momentum was all Bulls.

The best feeling leaving that game was realizing how the Bulls used to play the role of the team waiting for the epic collapse. Playing all those big games last season mattered, as the Bulls were now ready to take over when given the opportunity, while the young Charlotte team looked on with bewilderment.

I'm too emotionally spent to do a full breakdown. Luckily the team's next game isn't until Saturday in New Jersey, so we have plenty of time to banter about plenty of material.

There's still much room for concern, but for tonight I'll just be happy with an exciting win, and as part of the celebration I hereby declare a self-imposed moritorium on Chris Duhon bashing. Needless to say a triple-double earned it.

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