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Game Thread #8: Bulls at Seattle SuperSonics (Update below)

Late Friday night start, and here I am without a Bulls drinking game.

Blogging with the Enemy: SuperSonicSoul | Attack of the SuperSonics! |

Add comments on the game below, it will be a welcome distraction from tommorow morning's hangover.

Update: Now that's the kind of game that digital recording was made for. To be honest I stopped watching midway through the 4th upon the advent of Pargo time.

They looked like two different teams between the first and second halves. Up 44-33 at the half, the Bulls gave up 65 points in the second half and while staying close near the beginning of the 4th wound up getting blown out.

Sweetney was added to the starting lineup in place of Songaila. While not quite as good as he was in Portland, Sweetney had another solid game. I'd still like to see Deng in the starting lineup instead of Nocioni, who still is shooting too damned much.

I won't get into a 'what it all means' diatribe just yet. At least not until after the Laker game Sunday night. There better be some wins coming before this roadtrip is through.

Recap | BoxScore | GameFlow

And some other-side happiness: here and here.