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Bulls/Blazers afterthoughts

Better late than never: Recap | BoxScore | GameFlow

From the Gameflow: As much as we talk about changing the starting lineup, they were +6 to start both halves. This is why Songaila's +/- for the night was so good. Problem in both of them was that Hinrich had to leave early each time due to foul trouble. Hinrich overall was +17 for the night (I suspected it was good), so that really hurt whenever he had to leave.

Major suckage factors for the game: Othella Harrington (-17 in 13 minutes) and Chris Duhon (-15 in 34 minutes). Othella has been just plain terrible this year. A dropoff from last season was expected but not this bad.

Tommorow is another day, another possible (downgraded from probable) win in Seattle. Game thread coming tommorow afternoon.