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Bulls/Warriors thoughts:

Well, what to say about that debacle. In short: The Bulls shot terribly, and the Warriors attacked the basket and got results (22-27 from the line). Compare that to their last meeting, where the Bulls enjoyed advantages in FG% and FT differential, giving them a TS% of around 54 percent. Last night that number was at 40 percent.

As I said in the in-game comments of the game thread, the Warriors went on a binge to end the 1st half and didn't look back. After it got even worse a few minutes into the 3rd quarter, the rest was merely garbage time.

A better definition than 'garbage time' would be 'Pargo time'. If you're a novice viewer of Scott Skiles' manic rotations, one of his few discernable patterns is when there's no other recourse, he'll put in Jannero Pargo. Then Pargo chucks away and you hope for the best. This worked most famously in game 5 of their playoff series against the Wizards last season. Last night Pargo time lasted 25 minutes and it's namesake shot 4-11 (all 3-pointers however), so no miracle comeback tonight. While a lot of those minutes were due to Skiles not wanting to push Chris Duhon (and Pike was inactive for the game), if all you saw was the minute total for Pargo you'd know this one was a struggle.

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