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Learn to love it(again): The Stat Page

Another great stat resource, from the mind and sweat and tears of Knickerblogger.

The man himself has an intro post of some interesting results of the first couple weeks, as his page is now up for the 2005 season.

For some Bulls stats, you can check out their team offensive(21st in the league) and defensive(8th) efficiencies. And what's really interesting is that the Bulls are 3rd in the league in possessions per game, tied with the run-n-gun Phoenix Suns. And....LAST in offensive rebound percentage? I wouldn't have thought that with the offseason rebounding upgrade of Sweetney for Curry.

As far as the individual page, you can find that Michael Sweetney is more than making up for the loss of Curry, with a team-leading PER of 22.3 (and 9th in the NBA in rebound rate). Duhon and Hinrich are also off to good starts while Tyson Chandler is most definitely not (9.9 PER).

You can find Hollinger stats, per-40 stats, all kinds of shooting ratios for every player on every team, with league leaders for reference. Look up how each team is doing in Turnover Ratio, eFG%, Pace, and every page has a glossary at the bottom in case you're new to these numbers. (I'd also read this handy primer first if that's the case).

As we get farther into the season and the sample size begins to rise (Speedy Claxton isn't going to lead the league in PER all year), this page will become even more important.