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Game Thread #6: Bulls at Golden State Warriors

Oh they just played last week...the Bulls can take them out again. right?

This is the beginning of the 'Annual Circus Roadtrip of Death'(tm). Here's some (sadly unformatted) posts from the old blog regarding this historically bad part of every year's schedule: 11/17/2003, 11/17/2004.    

Technically the 'curse' of that roadtrip is over, since they did get one win at Utah last year. But it still stood as a major roadblock in every season, as (bad team)+(road games)+(Western Conference opponent) = Real Bad result.

But two parts of that yearly equation have changed: the opponents aren't as good (this year's trip is GoldenState, Portland, Seattle, Lakers before going to the truly frightning matchups against SanAntonio and Houston), and the Bulls have their best team since this whole mess started.

As My Man Sam(tm) always said, nobody cared about this circus trip thing when the dynasty teams went through it. So,let's hope this year's trip will finally allow us to look at a coming year's schedule without cursing the middle of November.

This one's a 9:30 central start, so once again the burden of providing a timely recap will fall upon all of our shoulders equally throughout the night and following day via the comments. Workers of the world unite!